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Planned shutdown of all services from September 27th to September 29th 2022

Access to the Migale bioinformatics facility will be unavailable from Monday, September​ 26th to Thursday, September 29th 2022.


Expected duration of interruption



Start: 26/09/2022 1pm

Unavailability: 26/09/2022 3pm

End (estimation) : 29/09/2021 6pm


Users affected by the incident



- All users of the Migale faclity (Migale, Cluster...).

- Web access to the tools (Blast, Databases, Galaxy, Rstudio,...).




This interruption, which is beyond our control, is caused by the annual maintenance operations of the INRAE Data Center, which hosts the infrastructure of the MIGALE platform. "As every year, the CEA, our partner for the INRAE Ile de France Datacenter, will carry out from Tuesday 27 September 6am to Wednesday 28 September 11pm the annual technical revision and regulatory tests of the technical installations which aim to maintain the quality of the service provided to us by the CEA.".

The INRAE IT department asks us to have stopped our servers electrically from Monday 26 n at 3pm. The electrical power will be restored for our servers from Thursday at 2PM.

All the jobs on the cluster will have to be stopped on Monday, September​ 26th at 1pm, the Migale front-end and data will be available up to 3pm. Other services will be stopped progressively between 1 and 3 pm.

We will restore progressively all services on thursday afternoon. This article wiil be updadated and an email will be sent on the user mailing list when the services will be back to normal.