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The Migale bioinformatics facility give acces to its users to a R environment (version 4.02) with more than 1000 packages installed. 
For your development and prototyping activities with R, we now give you access to the RStudio development environment through a web interface at this adress :

This RStudio is configured to use the R from Migale. It is linked to your work directories on the platform.
You can connect to it now using your Migale credentials.

A few rules regarding its use:
- Rstudio is a development and prototyping environment. It should not be used to run long or heavily multi-threaded calculations. For heavy calculations, the submission of R scripts in batch on the cluster is mandatory.
- One session (1 job) is possible per user.
- We ask you to avoid installation of packages through this interface (menu Tools/Install packages) and to request the installation of packages through our website ( ). We will not be able to troubleshoot you  if you do not follow this rule.

Do not hesitate to ask us your questions or give us your feedback on