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The new Galaxy portal is now accessible at You can now connect to it with your migale account.

This migration allowed us to update the configuration of the portal and thus follow the new best practices recommended by the Galaxy community. This revision concerns the configuration of web services, the automatic installation of tools and their dependencies (via bioconda).

We have also refined our tool installation policy. In order for a tool to be made available on the portal, it must meet the following criteria: the tool must be available on the Toolshed ( and the dependencies must be available on Bioconda ( This allows us to ensure that the tool will be easily installed and maintained on the instance. If you don't know if a tool meets these criteria, don't panic. You can request the installation and we will check with you.

We have redefined the list of tools available on the instance and kept those used during our training sessions and those that have been mainly used in recent months. However, if you are missing a tool, you can request it via the dedicated form (

By November 18 we will close the access to the old portal ( In concrete terms, this means that we are asking you now to transfer your data to this new portal and no longer use the old one.

Below are the key steps for transferring your data:

  • Sort your data in order to keep only what is strictly necessary
  • Extract the histories and workflows you want to keep. See here for a detailled procedure.
  • Upload your data to the new portal

Feel free to contact us via if you have any questions or difficulties.