Bioinformatics is a specialized field that often requires computer programming knowledge. Galaxy aims to give biology researchers access to bioinformatics without requiring programming knowledge. To do this, Galaxy has a simple user interface that allows complex processing processes to be implemented. This choice makes it relatively easy to set up traditional analyses.


An account on our infrastructure gives you access to our Galaxy server:

You have an inital quota of 20 GB. You can ask additional resources by filling this form.

Learn how to use Galaxy

You can find here an introduction and a lot of tutorials on how Galaxy works.

We propose a training to learn how to use the Migale galaxy server. See here to subscribe to the next session.

The Migale FAQ contains a section dedicated to Galaxy use


To facilitate tools installation and maintenance, we have decided to only install tools available on the Galaxy toolshed.

You can fill this form to ask for the installation of a missing tool on Galaxy.


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