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For the beginning of this new year, Migale’s Galaxy instance has benefited from a major material and software update.

Here is the improvements that you will benefit from :

  • The Virtual Machine hosting Galaxy has been totally reinstalled under Ubuntu 20.04 in harmony with the rest of the infrastructure
  • Computational power attached to Galaxy has been extended from 40 (old) CPUs to 256 (recent) CPUs. Less waiting time for you.
  • Galaxy has been updated from version 20.09 to 22.05. The Galaxy community of developers has implemented many improvements and new features in the last months. You will find a complete list on this webpage. Among the most striking, you will see a new tool panel, a new history panel, a lot of improvements on workflows (edition, invocation, ability to incorporate sub-workflows,…), and much more…
  • Last but not least, for weeks we have suffered from a nasty bug preventing us from updating FROGS to its last version. With the update, this bug is now gone, and you can fully benefit from the last version of FROGS.


Of course, all your datasets, histories, and workflows have been conserved with this update.


We will continue to fine-tune this new instance in the following weeks. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to tell us what you think of this update.