This activity focuses on IT and bioinformatics developments to meet the specific needs of collaborators on their research projects:

  • Design and development of bioinformatics software and databases
  • Setting up of user-friendly interfaces
  • Packaging and deployment of scientific software

Depending on the scope and expected duration of the developments, they can be made from Migale's own resources or collaboration with co-supervision of temporary staff (developer, master trainee).

Please note that since January 2020, the Migale team is in limited resources regarding the development of bioinformatics applications. We will therefore not be able, until further notice, to ensure projects on our own resources  

How can we help you?


Biologist may need some advanced software features to analyze or explore their data. In this context, a collaboration is set up on research projects and our team bring IT and bioinformatics development skills.



We can assist you during your development projects or supervise a trainee or temporary staff with a bioinformatics development project. We provide IT and bioinformatics advices.

If you are interested in the development service and you want to involve Migale in one of your projects, please fill in this form. We will study your request and get back to you as soon as possible.


Here are some of the projects in which we are involved: