Data analysis

The need for genomic data analysis continues to grow. To best help our collaborators in the analysis of their data, we have been offering since 2016 a range of services designed to meet their needs in term of  training, support and collaboration for large-scale projects.

How can we help you?


We start a collaboration with you on a particular research project involving both the treatment and analysis of sequencing data. For that, you need to contact us before the beginning of the project to assess the adequacy between the experimental designs and the means to be implemented (sequencing plan, storage, calculation means, procedures to be used or developed...).



It is never easy to get started with your own data. After training or when starting an analysis, you may need ponctual support. With this service, you have access to an interlocutor available to answer your questions, supervise your treatments and help you analyze your results. It helps  you to become progressively  autonomous and confident in your bioinformatics skills.

Here you will find a list of the training courses we offer dedicated to data analysis.

Fields of expertise

Migale has a recognized expertise in data analysis and application/workflow development in bioinformatics, multi-omics analysis ((meta)genomics, (meta)transcriptomics) for microorganisms.


Here are some of the projects in which we have been involved.